Preview of the fourth round of the CBA Finals: 19-35 Beijing to Xinjiang tonight_1


Preview of the fourth round of the CBA Finals: Beijing to Xinjiang at 19:35 tonight
On the evening of March 26, Beijing time, the fourth round of the CBA Finals will continue to be played at the Master Center in Beijing. The first three games of the two sides will become 2 to 1, and Beijing will lead Xinjiang in the big score.Although they were captured by Xinjiang in the third game at home, Beijing is still at an advantage and they strive to win the championship in the fourth game.Recent status of both parties: In the first two games of the Finals, Beijing unexpectedly won two games in a row, returning to Beijing with a 2-0 lead.Unexpectedly, at home, Beijing Culvert overturned to Xinjiang and was pulled back to the city by his opponent.In the third game, Beijing had huge problems in both offensive and defensive directions. On the offensive end, they only scored 35 points in the second half and only 2 of 21 three-pointers made.On the defensive end, they were snatched by their opponents with 27 offensive rebounds. With only offensive rebounds, Beijing has 15 fewer than its opponents.  In the play of core players, Marbury scored 23 points, 8 rebounds and 5 assists, but his 3-pointer made 0 of 5 shots, and his index finger of the shooter was dislocated in the second game. This is the main reason for his poor hand feeling.there.The two cores of Morris and Sun Yue only scored 15 points and 3 points respectively, and the performance was embedded in the downturn.In the fourth game, Beijing needed double foreign aid and Sun Yue returned with full blood.It is worth mentioning that Zhu Yanxi may still be in a truce due to injury, unable to play.  For Xinjiang, after losing two home games in a row, Xinjiang did not lose confidence. The third game was on the road. They burst out with huge fighting power. Even if the three-pointer is still not allowed, only 4 of 20 shots, but Xinjiang ruled the inside.They fought for rebounds in a frantic way, using the second offensive intensive, Tang Zhengdong finally fired, the West Heat outside the Jiang fire was fully open, Hudson showed full efficiency, and Xinjiang’s powerful collective strength pulled back a city.Focus matchup: Marbury + Sun Yue PK Hudson + West Relijiang Marbury is clearly not in 100% state, aligned, the index finger injury has caused him a lot of impact, although he cut down in the third game23 points, but only 7 of 17 shots, shooting continues to feel bad.Sun Yue also suddenly fell into a downturn, only 1 of 7 shots, unable to attack the organization can not afford to attack, turned into a negative energy on the spot.  However, Hudson, who had a sluggish performance in the first two games, finally broke out. He shot 8 of 13 shots and scored 24 points and 13 rebounds. He also scored two big hats Marbury, attacking and defending.Xinjiang was also most pleased with the outbreak of Xirelijiang. He scored 19 points, 5 rebounds and 2 assists in the third game. His three-point knife at the critical moment was deadly.The competition between the two in the backcourt will affect the trend of the fourth game.Morris + Zhang Songtao + Ji Zhe PK Tang Zhengdong + Singleton + Su Wei inside the competition conversion this round of the series has always been, in the first two games, Xinjiang did not play the inside advantage, and eventually lost.In the third game, they finally played as expected, grabbed 27 offensive rebounds, and scored two offensive rebounds in Beijing.Tang Zhengdong finally broke out, Zhang Songtao could no longer limit his play, and Morris surrounded the downturn and lost the previous glory.Whether Beijing can commit suicide to kill Xinjiang’s inside attack again and protect the backcourt rebound is the key point of the fourth game.Historical confrontation: In history, Xinjiang has played against Beijing 43 times. Xinjiang has a slight win with 23 wins and 20 losses.Xinjiang has a lot of experience playing Beijing on the road. This season’s regular season away from Beijing, Xinjiang also beat Beijing in the Master Center. This season, Xinjiang has beaten Beijing twice on this venue.Expected start: Xinjiang: Hudson West Reliance Jiang Liu Shunan Su Wei Yang Jingmin Beijing: Marbury Sun Yueji Zhe Li Gen Wang Xiaohui