Ronaldo won the prize again!2013 World’s No. 1 Shooter Gold Award Self Award Claim Picture_1


Ronaldo won the prize again!2013 World No. 1 Shooter Gold Award Self-Declaration Award Picture
By the end of the year, Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo could be said to have won an award. Following the previous European Golden Boot Award, La Liga’s best shooter, best player award, etc., Cristiano Ronaldo has won another gold medal: International Football HistoryThe 2013 World Top Shooter Award with the Data Federation.Ronaldo won the prize again. According to the agency’s statistics, Ronaldo scored 69 goals on behalf of Real Madrid and Portugal in 2013 and was the world’s first person of the year. Ronaldo received this achievement on Thursday, andThe prize drawing was posted on a personal Instagram account.  I am honored to win the World Top Shooter Award from the International Federation of Football History and Data, thank you all.Ronaldo said.  At present, Ronaldo and Real Madrid have a good momentum and have achieved a record 15 consecutive wins.Various indicators show that Ronaldo is the biggest favorite of the FIFA Golden Ball Awards this year, and the Portuguese are likely to win the highest personal honor in this football world.2014 European Best Player submitted to the Stephen Fano Award (Marca) to reward La Liga’s best player’s goal) International Football History and Statistics Federation’s 2013 World Top Shooter Award (Li Puli)